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Every student who is enrolled at Truman will automatically be assigned a Truman email.


  • Your username is the first part of your Truman email address (without the
  • Your Truman username is unique and will never change.
  • You may look up your username using Truman’s Directory.


Once you have your Truman ID number (Banner ID) and username, you can set your password by going to prior to logging onto TruView, the University’s portal.

Once you have a Truman username and password, you can log in to TruView, the University’s student portal. You can use TruView to:

  • view your academic information
  • view your email
  • use self-service tools
  • receive news and announcements

Go to Truview

Find Your Courses

To explore courses:

  1. Go to Course List.
  2. Choose the term for your courses.
  3. Select Subject (to search ALL subjects, click on the subject at top of list and drag down to the bottom of the list to highlight all subject areas)
  4. For Schedule Type, select Online Instruction.
  5. Select Course Level.
  6. Click on Class Search button.

Register for Courses

For information on how to register for courses, log in to TruView and go to Tools > Student > Registration Tool.

Course Modality Options
Online - AsynchronousThe course is fully online and students access content on their own at a time in the day of their choosing.
Online - SynchronousThe course is fully online, but students meet in real time, on a regular schedule, with their professor and peers via Zoom or a similar platform.
Fully on CampusAll students meet in a regular classroom setting at normally scheduled times.
Blended On Campus/OnlineA combination of face-to-face and online learning. This may include an arrangement where students rotate through the classroom on different days or weeks or could involve a combination of synchronous or asynchronous activities depending on the circumstances of the course.
FlippedThe course is taught predominantly online, in an asynchronous format, but students are encouraged to periodically visit a classroom or laboratory space to work on problems, projects, or group discussions. The primary work of the course is done outside of class.
FlexibleThe course is intentionally designed to allow students to attend face-to-face or complete content online as it suits them, provided they meet the course objectives.
InternshipThe course grants credit for performing an internship off-site.  The course is remote, but not considered an online course
PracticumThe course grants credit for participation in a training activity or co-curricular experience, such as in some health professions, student media, forensics, etc.
Clinical/Field ExperienceLearning is taking place completely or partially in a remote setting under the supervision of a professional, such as in Education or various health professions.

The Course List provides information about textbooks and materials you will need for a course.

You can purchase textbooks and materials from the official Truman State University’s Bookstore.

Students can pay online via TruView (Truman’s portal). For details, see Payment of Fees.

For questions about billing statements, payments received, or charges assessed to your account, contact Student Accounts in the Business Office.

Phone: (660) 785-4074

View list of administrative offices.

Use the Campus Directory to search for people, offices, and departments.

You can update your personal information in TruView, Truman’s online portal. To view options, go to Tools > Everyday Tools > Personal Information Menu.

You will use Brightspace, Truman’s web-based learning management system, to access your courses.
Brightspace Resources for Students

Drop Procedure

You may process course drops in TruView through the end of the designated Schedule Change Deadlines.  Be sure to make yourself familiar with the deadline dates for dropping courses, as these dates affect your fees and the grades that will appear on your transcript.

For specific add/drop and withdrawal dates, you can contact the Registrar’s Office (660) 785-4143,

Changing All Courses

You will not be allowed to drop all courses via TruView. If you plan to drop all courses and replace them with other courses, drop all but one course, add the new courses, then drop the last course.

Withdrawing from All Courses for a Selected Semester

Your first step will be to speak with your academic advisor to help determine what options are available to you in your situation. Truman has procedures in place for situations ranging from medical or personal leave to deferment of enrollment if you plan to return to the University. The possible impacts of withdrawing for a semester can include changes to your eligibility for financial aid, health services, housing, student employment, and additional considerations.

If you wish to completely withdraw from the semester, you can do so through TruView. Go to Tools > Student > Registration Tool > Withdraw from All Courses for a Selected Semester

Note: Please remember that your instructor cannot drop a course for you, nor can he/she change sections of a class for you. Only you can initiate an add or drop. The transaction becomes official when it is processed.


Resources for Online Students

The offices of Truman State University are available to help you with your questions. See Listing of Administrative Offices >

Our IT Service Center can assist you with your questions about connectivity to Truman or other issues. Visit Tech Support>

Whether you need access to textbooks or Truman apparel, Truman State University Bookstore can ship your purchases directly to you.

For textbooks and merchandise, visit the Truman Bookstore website.

Information is also available for Shipping and Delivery.

The Student Accounts section of the Business Office administers bills and answers questions about your billing statements, payments received, charges assessed to your account, and other fee-related questions.

Student Accounts does the following:

  • Post bills for student fees and sends emails when bills are posted for viewing
  • Processes financial aid refunds
  • Answers questions regarding to payments for Perkins and Nursing Loan Programs

Go to Student Accounts website>

The Registrar’s Office provides services related to enrollment and student records.

Go to Registrar website >

With access to eBooks, online journals, and streaming videos as well as librarians with subject expertise, Pickler Memorial Library can help you have a successful academic experience. You can phone, email, chat, or text us.

Accessing Resources from Off Campus

To use library databases for finding and accessing online resources, you can use the Virtual Desktop or the Virtual Private Network (VPN). Details can be found on the Connect From Off Campus page.

It is your responsibility to arrange for an approved proctor for supervising any exams required by your online class.

If you are asked to find your own proctor, the National College Testing Association can assist you in finding an approved proctor in your area.

To help find a tutor, you can set up an account with WCOnline which schedules appointments for Truman’s Tutoring Center, Writing Center and Communication Lab. Each center keeps a separate schedule.

To discuss your tutoring needs, email us at

The Center for Academic Excellence provides advising to help you with your academic planning. They can assist you in each step by helping you select courses, locate resources, and ensure you are on track to meet your goals. To discuss your needs, email

Truman’s Financial Aid Office can provide you with information about financial aid opportunities.
Whether you’re exploring different careers, looking for ways to gain work experience, or prepping for an interview, the friendly staff in the Career Center can assist you.

Explore services and resources available through Truman’s Career Center>

If you believe something is bothering you and it is interfering with your ability to function at your best, counseling may be helpful for you.

Visit University Counseling Services.

Truman students who need accommodations must first self-disclose this information to the Disability Services Office.

Regular and Substantive Interaction

In compliance with federal law, Truman requires students and faculty to demonstrate evidence of regular and substantive interaction in their courses. Students are expected to engage in their online course within the first calendar week of class (defined as ending the Saturday of the first week of the academic term). Students who fail to do so will be administratively dropped from their courses.

Faculty will describe their expectations for interaction in their syllabus. Even when a course is being offered asynchronously, you are expected to regularly engage with the content throughout the term.

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