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Consultation takes place in one of two ways:

Synchronous Online. Essentially, “synchronous” means “same time” (live one-on-one).  We’ve tested various methods of synchronous consultation-at-a-distance.  Google Drive with its built-in chat is the most effective.  Audio and video are too distracting.  To set up a synchronous consultation, make an appointment through the online scheduler.  There’s a place on the appointment form to indicate the type of online consultation desired.  That done, share your work with the consultant and be online in that Drive document at the time of the appointment. Make sure you give editing privileges to the consultant when sharing.  You’ll see the consultant’s email address on the top of the appointment form.  Do note the 48-hour policy for papers longer than seven (7) pages.

Asynchronous by Email. This is the simplest but least effective method. You simply schedule a time and then email the consultant your work. Your consultant will email you feedback at the end of the appointed time.  This is obviously not good for brainstorming sessions. There’s not much of a chance for dialogue and clarification, though there might be an extended conversation via email following the initial response. You’ll see the consultant’s email address at the top of the appointment form. Indicate in the “comments” box that this will be an asynchronous appointment.

The consultant’s email will be on the appointment form. Please visit the Policies and Guidelines page if you’ve never used the Writing Center. We will assume you understand the policies and guidelines.